During the week, offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy smiled when he said proudly that the Chiefs ripped off everyone. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. On fourth down, Garoppolo hurled the ball with two hands in the air, desperate to escape the grip of Clark once again. “We’d prefer not to, we’d like to play as much as possible [with] the schedule as it sits now,” Murphy said. Celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 54 Victory! The old Kansas City teams were known for their ability to back an outward cool with dominant play on the field—Hank Stram dialing up unthinkable plays to the cigarette-smoking Len Dawson. Two weeks after that on Super Bowl Sunday, it again looked like the Chiefs' run was flat-out over. So happy Andy Reid finally caught it pic.twitter.com/9oUxdyznPL, At 24 years, 138 days old, Patrick Mahomes is youngest player in NFL history to win an MVP award and a Super Bowl. 10:27 pm ET, at (Read about the halftime show, a tribute to Kobe Bryant, and one notable ad. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes—the game's MVP—threw two touchdown passes late in the game, the last one a 5-yarder to Damien Williams with 2:44 left that held up under video review. On 3rd & 15... @PatrickMahomes to @Cheetah! 10:24 pm ET, at But on third down with 1:33 remaining, a throw to Emmanuel Sanders landed yards long in the end zone despite Sanders having a step on the defender. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nfl | pageType: stories | The Super Bowl is the annual American football game that determines the champion of the … pic.twitter.com/czvvhnodQF, ANDREW RIED: SUPER BOWL CHAMPION pic.twitter.com/mwq4fsLwVr, Andy Reid's Super Bowl victory notches his 222nd career win on Feb. 2. pic.twitter.com/XGNNHMjcEG, Patrick Mahomes becomes the youngest QB in the Super Bowl era with at least 10 pass TD in a single postseason. And, with all the ghosts of their masochistic past encircling them in the Super Bowl, they hoisted another win in the face of impending defeat, this time against the best defense in football. On Friday, Mertz kicked off the Big Ten schedule with a performance few would soon ...read more. After having some serious doubts over how Head Coach Vic Fangio has been calling defensive plays for the Broncos, I think he’s finally getting back to his greatness that he showed when he coached the Chicago Bears. In the rout, Cam Newton struggled as a passer throughout, throwing for less than 100 yards, zero touchdowns and three interceptions. Lindsay rushed for 101-yards last week on his first game back after recovering from a turf toe injury. Mahomes is on track to be one of the NFL’s great quarterbacks. Overturned. P, at After the 49ers turned the ball over on downs facing a four-point deficit, the Chiefs needed just two plays to push the lead to 11 points. In that moment, with players sliding and diving across the field, all was right in their world. Damien Williams chugged in a knockout touchdown from 38 yards out, beginning the long procession to confettied chaos. Reid, finally a Super Bowl champion, wrapped his wife, Tammy, in his arms as members of the Chiefs’ coaching staff made a path for the two to be together. More SI Super Bowl LIV Coverage* Michael Rosenberg: Patrick Mahomes Is Here To Stay* Conor Orr: Shanahan Absorbs a Gut-Punch Super Bowl Loss* Kalyn Kahler: Reaction From the Niners' Stunned Locker Room* Charlotte Wilder: Super Bowl LIV Was One Giant Spectacle* Gary Gramling: Takeaways: Rainbow Connection Saves K.C. Monster game for Damien Williams: 17-104-1 on the ground, 4-29-1 in the air. They watched big-time high school ball on Fridays, big-time college ball on Saturdays and, with free time before Sunday, they’d smash it all together on a white board to see what stuck—and here, it showed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, their stunning run here to the Super Bowl, made quick work of the run-dominant Titans in the championship game, Chiefs defeated the 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV, a silent tribute to fallen NBA legend Kobe Bryant, when the Falcons gave up a 28–3 lead to lose to the Patriots, Shanahan Absorbs a Gut-Punch Super Bowl Loss, Reaction From the Niners' Stunned Locker Room, Niners Fall Agonizingly Short In Super Bowl, Kittle Reflects on Turning Point of Niners' Loss.

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