After hearing about prints on glass, and doing a bit of research, I knew that I wanted to get a print for myself, to check it out, but the mixed reviews of had me a bit nervous. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. It appears based on reviews that Fractureme also makes customer support a priority with a strong guarantee with in house production in the US. Do more with your pictures. I accidentally submitted a photo that was too low in quality and Fracture was more than willing to help me create a Fracture that met my expectations.

A Screenshot from the FractureMe website explaining the process. This effect is more pronounced as you go thicker with the acrylic using a metallic paper.
With over 1 million home professionals on Houzz, you’ll easily find the trusted Artist or Artisan for your next project in Gainesville, FL.

It opened up a lot of opportunities to print to just about anything (including glass) which is great but you do give up color accuracy and vibrancy when compared to printing with pigment inkjet ink to high grade photo paper.

I have used Fracture for multiple gift-giving occasions and have always been satisfied with the price, the service, and the quality of the product.

Or how many unlucky attempts you have at lining it up perfectly before the foam core hole is damaged. I took one and matched it to what I was seeing. -Wall art

Fracture is a photo decor company that is changing the way people print and display their personal digital photos. It doesn't matter what substrate a UV printer prints to it just won't match the color accuracy of printing to professional grade photo paper using a wider color gamut such as Adobe 1998 or ProPhoto. After watching the video and reading about them my next thought was pricing.

They agreed to reprint it for me and I should be receiving it any day now.
Enjoy your prints. Fractureme definitely offers a lower price point for their glass prints vs our face mounted acrylic prints. Im glad you took the jump and got some home worthy images, but equally as glad to learn that they aren’t “gallery worthy”. However, there does not appear to be an option for phone or live chat support and email response time is 24-48 hrs according to their website. If you have any questions at all give us a shout! Some methods are very sturdy and make it easy to install, while others may leave the integrity of the work on the wall in question.

- TechCrunch

Reviews . We also offer a premium TruLife acrylic that offers scratch resistant coating. At first glance it looks stable enough, however there is not enough of a bevel in the grommet to safely hold the screw. We make every Fracture by hand, in Gainesville, FL. It did not have a pre-dug hole but a piece of foam core with a grommet attached.

The person, like me, who does not like buying frames for photographs as they are often more expensive than the print. I got a great poor-holidays deal as well! Price. The website was clearly built, designed and presented with the inquisitive customer in mind. We hope to have the opportunity to make you an acrylic print one day. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. There are very few printers in the world that are capable of printing directly to the glass. 73K likes. I will continue to use this service for preserving my favorite photos or turning special pictures into art. While I do understand aspect ratio as a photographer, this is great for casual shooters who have no idea what the words Aspect and Ratio together even mean. I think the confusion lies in the fact that acrylic prints look like glass and even those that know it's acrylic and not glass are searching for "acrylic glass prints" and such. Both acrylic and glass can scratch, but glass is probably a bit more resistant to that. We can also blind dropship and even add customized labeling for your orders. We even include the screw. Be prepared to have a pair of scissors, an exacto blade, or a small saw to get into the packaging! I got a great poor-holidays deal as well! The prints look amazing, are lightweight, and can be hung easily on the wall. We thought we'd highlight the differences so you can make an informed decision. I asked if they had an ICC profile so I could make sure the image matched what I sent. They did not have one. Diptych & Triptych Prints As Featured Wall Art, Photographer Review: Acrylic Prints vs Metal Prints. In the detail you can see that the black areas are made up of several colors with a certain fringing that was not present in the original design. Website Experience. Fracture is an environmentally friendly and Carbon neutral certified company. f.64 Academy and f.64 Elite are the brainchildren of Blake Rudis. Your email address will not be published. Their prints are very high DPI and look good anywhere in the house.

Fractureme glass is very thin at just a bit thicker than 1/16" (2mm). Detail of the Fracture Print with 3x Macro Magnification. Instead of printing on paper, we print directly on glass.

It is a pre-dug out portion of the foam core that fits the head of the supplied screw.

Fracture, Alachua, Florida. Fracture website shows a guy with their prints lining both sides of his hallway, eye level, a foot away… probably not the best viewing method. I ordered a print from despite mixed reviews. The printer that Fracture uses to print on glass is used regularly for printing up to 5’x10′ boards – they are flatbed sign printers. While it does take a bit of work to get it lined up properly, it is a huge improvement over the grommet method shown above.

First, you must realize that these photos are printed directly onto the glass.

Here is a look at the process from their website. In addition the longevity ratings won't match that of pigment inkjet prints, but should last a very long time. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Below is a simple table to get a quick read on the differences and we'll discuss below in more detail.

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