Scenes from the pilot were used in the first episode, "Caroline's First Day", and can be spotted due to the characters' appearance, most notably Rhind-Tutt's haircut. Martin's got his result.

These include Guyball, a sport invented by Guy when he was at public school, with somewhat confusing rules. Caroline arrives at East Hampton for her first day of work, where she begins work with Guy and Mac. Subsequently, Gill attacked the first episode of series two, in particular the use of a dream sequence at the beginning of the episode.

Clever babe.

During Series 2 she moved to Canada to become a film star - if you want to know what happened next, you'll have to watch the final Special episode.

What did you do before Alcohol became the centre of your life? She was also the casting director, one of the writers and was involved in the editing, filming and post-production.

After trying to teach Martin this method in the very first episode, Guy also regularly attempts to pick up women throughout the two series by talking on his phone and saying "I'll see you in Zurich", in an attempt to sound "jet-setty". The filming was done at two hospitals, the Northwick Park Hospital in Middlesex and the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke. Their only requirement was that it should have enough of a narrative thread to make it more of a sitcom than a sketch show. But I sincerely hope that the opener is a one- off and not a sign that Green Wing is going down the pan."[21].

The series begins with a new arrival, surgical registrar Caroline Todd (Tamsin Greig). [7] The music, which plays prominently in the show, was written by Jonathan Whitehead (under the name "Trellis") and won him an RTS Craft & Design Award. : Dr. Angela Hunter : The soundtrack, entitled Green Wing: Original Television Soundtrack by Trellis was released by Silva Screen on 8 October 2007.

Luckily, I am still intact. [5] The show won the 2005 and 2006 Comedy Tumbleweed Awards for "Worst Camerawork". Beep beep! Harriet is later kicked out by her husband Ian for having an affair. Sue White then appears in a tutu, claiming that the patient is stalking Mac, and repeating the assertion that the patient is transgender.

Green Wing had some plot lines that were never used. Her office is a place where the impossible tends to happen, and anyone who enters is normally treated with a mixture of verbal abuse and psychological torture, so she can get back to doing nothing, or thinking about how to upset the next visitor.

Whilst Angela appears to mean well, Caroline cannot stand her and despite her best efforts to avoid Angela, she ends up as Caroline's lodger.

[19][20] Some were also critical of what was seen as a decline in quality when the second series began. Dr. Alan Statham Sue's jealousy of Caroline reaches new extreme, to the extent of attempted murder, most notably with a cross bow. [29], The cast, crew and writers of Green Wing have shown no interest in creating a third series because of scheduling difficulties due to new projects being undertaken by the creators and talkbackTHAMES not having a big enough budget. Mac then tells Caroline to meet him at the railway station, via the traditional medium of a letter carried by a model train set, but things yet again go wrong for the couple as Mac discovers that he is dying of a terminal disease and drives off into the distance on his motorbike. : However, she decided that they had enough material with the eight main doctors and human resources workers. Do you want me to report you for that earring? [9] One example of improvised material was Stephen Mangan's idea of Guy falling in love with Caroline. Caroline works alongside two other doctors: Guy Secretan (Stephen Mangan), an arrogant, half-Swiss, womanising anaesthetist, and "Mac" Macartney (Julian Rhind-Tutt), a suave, desirably fashionable surgeon. Anyone who attempts to get involved with Mac is treated with contempt and hatred by Sue, in particular Caroline, whom Sue attempts several times to murder. 18 episodes (2 series), 2004 - 2007. Technical Specs. Another was performed live at The Secret Policeman's Ball on 14 October 2006. Dr. Guilaume Secretan

Caroline is spending too much time with Mac, at least in Sue's opinion, and so she tries to stop her from seeing him. Although each script is fully written, the actors are allowed to improvise their own jokes, frequently adding to what has already been written.

Caroline distances herself from Mac, and Guy starts to fall in love with her, not helped by the fact that he has replaced Angela as her lodger.

[33] Some of the funeral scenes from the special were shown, and the presenter of the show, Alan Yentob, appeared as one of the mourners. Cathy Pryor in The Independent on Sunday said that, "Sadly, though, since I'm something of a fan, I have to report that the first episode of the second series is, disappointingly, rather flat. Pile and her co-writers initially used battery packs to represent characters, moving them around on her desk to develop scenarios for the show.

It was cherry tomatoes. Things get more embarrassing when Guy also volunteers, and asks why Caroline is sitting next to Mac when she is Guy's fiancée.

Caroline alleges that the patient is transgender, which repels Guy. Dr. Macartney No!

She suffers from constant embarrassment and bad luck, stumbling from one crisis to the next due to a mixture of her own neurosis, impulsiveness, and general misfortune. | Dr. Angela Hunter

[32] Green Wing appeared in an episode of the BBC documentary series Imagine, entitled A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Studio. A full series began in 2011, but was cancelled after one series. She described Green Wing as "a sketch-meets-comedy-drama-meets-soap",[3] and a continuation of her previous show, Smack the Pony, where Green Wing's crew also worked.

Joanna's staff also use it against her, in particular Kim Alabaster (Sally Bretton), who has a bad attitude towards most of the people she meets and Naughty Rachel (Katie Lyons), who earned her nickname due to her love of sex.

Soon, they decide that, with no transport, money or employment, the only option is suicide.

The show's crew also make appearances in the show as extras.

: The alternative ending is included on the DVD release of Green Wing, along with deleted scenes from the episode. But soon her chance of a fresh start is ruined when she is forced to spend her second day on the job quashing rumours that she slept with Guy after he put her up for the night. Just when Caroline thinks she has managed to win Mac back, his former girlfriend Holly (Sally Phillips) returns to the hospital, to replace Angela. : [17] Composer Daniel Pemberton wrote that the soundtrack to Green Wing was, "One of the most innovative TV soundtracks in recent years. He is desperately and hopelessly in love with Joanna Clore (Pippa Haywood), the 48-year-old head of human resources with an increasingly sardonic attitude. Eight weeks after the incident with the ambulance, Mac is in a coma and Guy has been suspended from his job. The show received generally very positive reviews. Did I just see you come? It's making those split-second decisions, and getting it right, that does it for me. Caroline however seems to have feelings for Jake Leaf (Darren Boyd), a complementary therapist.

[12] The alternative ending was planned to be used if a third series was going to be commissioned, as this ending was much more ambiguous.

Same as Series 1, 2 and special, plus phenomena documentary, music tracks, extra deleted scenes and a 12-page booklet.

When Alan becomes unusually happy after winning an internet caption competition, Joanna plans to take him down a peg. Mac, after a month's leave, discovers what has happened between Caroline and Guy, and although hurt, makes no attempt to interfere. Mangan and Rhind-Tutt appeared in two sketches.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mac and Caroline finally marry, despite Mac's terminal illness (the exact nature of which is never disclosed, although Mac does tell Guy that its name has an "a" and an "e" in it). An utter perfectionist, Angela Hunter is the most anally retentive person in East Hampton. It was created by the same team behind the sketch show Smack the Pony – Channel 4 commissioner Caroline Leddy and producer Victoria Pile – and stars Mark Heap, Tamsin Greig, Stephen Mangan and Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Dr. Angela Hunter The plot line takes a complicated twist when, at the housewarming party of Angela and Caroline, Caroline manages to kiss Guy, Mac, Sue and Martin, but remembers very little of it the next day and has to be reminded by Mac in manageable portions.

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