[19][20], According to an anonymous news account published in the Mail Online on 8 April 2009, Lady Antonia Fraser confirmed to its author on 7 April that her next book is "a memoir of her late husband Harold Pinter," but she also said, "It is early days and I don't want to make any comment at the present time because I am still in mourning"; although "a source at her publishers Weidenfeld & Nicolson told the reporter, "We have been sworn to secrecy about this," the writer speculates that the book is "expected to be a touching love letter" to Pinter.

Her first husband died of cancer in 1984. "[5] She was educated at St Mary's School, Ascot, the Dragon School, Oxford[1][7] and Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; the last was also her mother's alma mater. In the meantime she edited a series of writings: Lives of the Kings and Queens of England (1975), Scottish Love Poems (1975), Love Letters: An Anthology (1976), Heroes and Heroines (1980), Mary, Queen of Scots: An Anthology of Poetry (1981), and Oxford and Oxfordshire in Verse (1982). Already she was living with Harold Pinter, the playwright, whom she married in 1980. [18], She serves as a judge for the Enid McLeod Literary Prize, awarded by the Franco-British Society, previously winning that prize for her biography Marie Antoinette (2001). Some reviewers of the book seemed to think that it was anecdotal and lacking analytical skills. [5][10][11], In 1975 Antonia Fraser began an affair with playwright Harold Pinter, who was then married to the actress Vivien Merchant. The limited emancipation of 17th-century women due to the influence of Oliver Cromwell peaked in mid-century. The earlier books, from the historian's point of view, were more researched than the later works, may be because she was thinking of becoming a mystery novelist. It was based on primary documents rather than on other work by historians, and her organization is accomplished. She also has written detective novels; the most popular involved a character named Jemima Shore were adapted into a television series which aired in the UK in 1983. Yes, I'd like to receive Word of the Day emails from YourDictionary.com. 88880), the Lady Antonia Fraser Archive is still Loan No. Lady Antonia Fraser was born on August 27, 1932, in London, England. She was an early undergraduate at Oxford, and her own mother was a doctor.” But at least one gets more shortsighted, so when you remove your spectacles to put on makeup, the image in the mirror is pleasingly blurred.". She considers that it is a very good feminist title. The British writer Lady Antonia Fraser (Pinter; born 1932), was a popular biographer, historian, and mystery novelist. Mother and daughter proceeded to carve up English history between them: Lady Longford taking the 19th century, Lady Antonia taking the 17th century. [23] On 9 June 2009, the The Guardian stated that this memoir of a love affair and marriage would be published in January 2010. Fraser followed The Weaker Vessel with the mysteries Oxford Blood (1985), Jemima Shore's First Case (1986), and Your Royal Hostage (1987); Boadicea's Chariot: The Warrior Queens, in the United States The Warrior Queens;the mystery The Cavalier Case (1990); and The Wives of Henry VIII (1992). Fraser has also served as the editor for many monarchical biographies, including those featured in the Kings and Queens of England and Royal History of England series, and, in 1996, she also published a book entitled The Gunpowder Plot: Terror and Faith in 1605, which won both the St Louis Literary Award and the Crime Writers' Association (CWA) Non-Fiction Gold Dagger. I don't like it, but this afternoon I've told myself I am going to … She published several juvenile items and A History of Toys (1966) before her major work, Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1969, which won the J. T. Black Prize for biography. Her heroine, Jemima Shore, a television reporter, is intelligent and fashionable.

[13], She began work as an "all-purpose assistant" for George Weidenfeld at Weidenfeld & Nicolson (her "only job"), which later became her own publisher and part of Orion Publishing Group, which publishes her works in the UK.[1][7]. Lord Weidenfeld was a family friend and had Lady Antonia editing the expletives from Saul Bellow's The Adventure of Augie March for the British market. sangfroid style and frank manner. Previously part of the Pinter Archive (Loan No. "Lady Antonia Fraser's Life Less Ordinary: "Non-Fiction: Antonia Fraser: Author Q&A", "Featured Alumni: Antonia Fraser: Author, Lady Margaret Hall", "Sir Hugh Fraser Dead; Long a Tory Legislator", "Timeline: 1974-75: The Year London Blew Up", "Our President in 1983/84 was: Lady Antonia Fraser", "Antonia Fraser To Tell Harold Pinter 'love story' ", Loan No. [8], In 1983 to 1984, she was president of the Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club. Marie Antoinette is published by Orion. L ady Antonia Fraser wishes so much that every woman could be a lady or at least called one. More academic in character was her later book, The Weaker Vessel (1984), a volume about 17th-century women in England. Her first book in this style, Quiet as a Nun, appeared in 1977. [14] From 1988 to 1989, she was president of English PEN, and she chaired its Writers in Prison Committee. [25] Papers by and relating to Lady Antonia Fraser are also catalogued as part of the Harold Pinter Archive, which is part of its permanent collection of Additional Manuscripts. [1][8] Merchant spoke about her distress publicly to the press, which quoted her cutting remarks about her rival, but she resisted divorcing Pinter. These novels in their settings are reminiscent of scenes she knew from her own life—a convent and a Scottish island, the royalists, and even an M.P., her first husband. While Fraser has been justly celebrated for her literary prowess, her beauty has garnered much attention as well. Her mother was the Countess of Longford, Elizabeth Pakenham (born 1906), the author of a series of popular … Privacy Policy. I think there has been a great deal of valuable revisionism in women's history. [14][17], Two of the most recent of her thirteen non-fiction books are Marie Antoinette: The Journey (2001, 2002), which has been made into the film Marie Antoinette (2006), directed by Sofia Coppola, with Kirsten Dunst in the title role, and Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King (2006).[12]. 110B/1–19: Lady Antonia Fraser Archive, "Interviews: Antonia Fraser Peers into the Heart of Louis XIV", "Timeline: 1974–75: The Year London Blew Up: August–November 1975", "Lady Antonia Margaret Caroline Pakenham", https://religion.wikia.org/wiki/Antonia_Fraser?oldid=108111, six (three sons and three daughters) with Fraser. Encyclopedia of World Biography. As well as her father and mother, Lady Antonia's sister Rachel Billington was a novelist; another sister, Judith Kazantzis, was a feminist poet; a brother, Thomas Pakenham, was an historian; and her two eldest daughters, Rebecca and Flora, were both writers. Lady Antonia Fraser was born on August 27, 1932, in London, England. [1][8] In 1980, after Merchant signed divorce papers, Fraser and Pinter married.

"I suppose one's vanity is pleased by it, but if I could be born again with more beauty or more brains, I'd take the brains," Fraser is quoted in an article by Polly Samson appearing in Harper's Bazaar, November 1992, "Once you are called a beauty, then you are either an ex-beauty, a fading beauty, or 'still surprisingly beautiful.'

[2] In 1992, a year after Alison Weir's book The Six Wives of Henry VIII, she published a book with the same title, which British historian Eric Ives cites in his study of Ann Boleyn. My Life with Harold Pinter and that the completed manuscript, to be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson's imprint Orion Books, is due in July. [1][3][12], Correcting those who notice only her physical beauty—remarked upon both in her youth and well into her seventh decade—some commentators stress that, "more than just a pretty face", she is an accomplished historian and "an intellectual". [1], When she was a teenager,[5] like all her siblings she became a convert to the Catholic Church after the conversion of her parents. Fraser is the first-born of the eight children of Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford (1905–2001), and his wife, Elizabeth Pakenham, Countess of Longford, née Elizabeth Harman (1906–2002). Antonia Fraser does both and there is a degree of intelligence and maturity in her work that is lacking in, for instance, Schama's somewhat superficial recent treatments on the television."

She converted to Catholicism in her teens, following her parents' lead, and at the age of 23 she married Sir Hugh Fraser, a handsome Catholic, Scots nobleman and war hero with the SAS (Special Air Services). They were followed by A Splash of Red (1981) and Cool Repentance (1982). Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot. 110), with the Harold Pinter Archive before its permanent acquisition being numbered Loan No. Women's status was set back after his death. Hamilton-Fairley, a neighbour of the Frasers, who had been walking his dog, noticed and inspected the device under the car, and died as a result of the blast. The novels starring Jemima Shore were successful and were televised in England. [4], On 22 October 1975, Hugh and Antonia Fraser, together with Caroline Kennedy, who was visiting them at their Holland Park home, in Kensington, West London, were almost blown up by an IRA car bomb placed under the wheels of his Jaguar, which had been triggered to go off at 9am when he left the house; the bomb exploded prematurely when it was examined and inadvertently set off by the eminent cancer researcher Gordon Hamilton-Fairley (1930–1975). Her first job was in George Weidenfeld's publishing house as a general assistant. [1][6] Her "maternal grandparents were Unitarians – a non-conformist faith with a strong emphasis on social reform ..."; in response to criticism of her writing about Oliver Cromwell, she has said: "I have no Catholic blood"; before his own conversion in his thirties following a nervous breakdown in the Army, as she explains, "my father was Protestant Church of Ireland, and my mother was Unitarian up to the age of 20 when she abandoned it. [1][5][8], Harold Pinter died on 24 December 2008. By continuing, you agree to our and a princess. Following Pinter's death on 24 December 2008. All rights reserved. Mary, Queen of Scots: An Anthology of Poetry, The Warrior Queens;the mystery The Cavalier Case. Please set a username for yourself. Her mother was the Countess of Longford, Elizabeth Pakenham (born 1906), the author of a series of popular biographical studies of Queen Victoria, Wellington, Churchill, the Queen Mother, and Queen Elizabeth II. 110B. [8][10] Benjamin works for JPMorgan, Damian is the managing director of the investment banking firm UBS AG (formerly S. G. Warburg) in Mexico, and Orlando is a barrister specializing in commercial law (Wroe). Sir Hugh Fraser had been a Conservative member of Parliament for Stafford since 1945 and had served in Conservative cabinets. They lived in London (when he was at the House of Commons) and in summer on an island in Inverness-shire, Scotland, owned by him.

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