This means you have unlimited access to all the classes during that month. She spent some time at her friend’s art studio and noticed how she would wipe excess paint on her pants, turning them into a canvas. Officially, though, as Lively told Vogue in a "candid" interview, she shut it down because it was "not making a difference in people’s lives, whether superficially or in a meaningful way. Under pressure from Gawker, Blake Lively says she will delete Preserve, a lifestyle site she started that features recipes, decorating tips, and fashion trends. While not exactly interesting, it certainly sounds innocuous enough, if more than a little strangely fixated on a Southern, "down home" lifestyle that makes more sense for the Tennessee-born Reese Witherspoon to have embraced (her site, Draper James, would launch in 2015) than for the Los Angeles-born and -bred Lively, who also had a Southern plantation wedding when she married (Canadian) Ryan Reynolds in 2012.Â, But still, why did it crash and burn so quickly? Give your back pocket some blossoming details. Scoop up that white paint and splatter it on. Under pressure from Gawker, Blake Lively says she will delete Preserve, a lifestyle site she started that features recipes, decorating tips, and fashion trends. In love with cherry blossoms? ), All of which is to say, while the Times has the overlooked-amazing-women-and-their-accomplishments beat covered, I thought maybe it was time to revisit something that is overlooked, but not so amazing: the short, sad, strange life of, Blake Lively's erstwhile lifestyle website.Â, I've been thinking about it lately, because, about a week ago, I found myself wondering (as one does when procrastinating about a deadline), What is going on with Blake Lively? So, I mean, maybe that was the reason. Get messy and add brush strokes.

And this Summer she announced plans to close up shop.

3. We recommend starting with a lighter pink for the base of the flower.
A good way to get a good splatter is to hit the top edge of your paintbrush. On Tuesday, the star launched her highly anticipated website -- or as Lively says, "new avenue" -- called Preserve . When it counts, trust Clorox. Don’t be afraid to make large brush strokes too. So, rest in peace, Blake Lively's website.

So are we! And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat..." Lively was "hungry, though…and not just for enchiladas." Use a stencil brush to add in the cherry blossoms. If she isn't crafting you can catch her on the dance floor or wrapped up in aerial silks. On an inaugural post about the pleasures of barbecue, this is the accompanying text:Â. Preparations for the fête champêtre hatch in the spirit of simplicity: Bid some courtly dudes and dope-looking damsels hither, stock the larder with beauteous burgers (beef, turkey or veggie), augment the ale supply and call forth a noble disc jockey. If anyone will get us to eat our vegetables, it’s Blake Lively. Time to start learning all the things! If you’re nervous about throwing paint all over your nice jeans try visiting a thrift store for a cheaper pair. Quoth Preserve, “The blues began in … The answer is obvious: money.

Your pass lasts one month from when you checkout. 2. A post shared by Preserve (@preserve_us) on Sep 6, 2015 at 11:13am PDT But it was Lively’s website (and, it could be argued, “mom blog”) itself that had us wincing. Use the code "CLOROXCARES" at checkout to redeem your free month of classes.

Lively followed up this performance of white idiocy with an unrequested encore: an offensive blueberry muffin recipe. When I Googled her name, I found several stories written about her within the last 24 hours, even though they were all along the lines of how she "ditched her bra" to wear a deeply cut dress to a premiere, etc. Feel better, get smarter, and LOL a little… every week. Blake Lively brings her unerring eye, Southern roots, and love of storytelling to her latest venture—a Web site called Preserve.

Blake recently posted a photo rocking some Rialto Cherry Blossom Boyfriend Jeans from Preserve and we were in awe!

1. I guess that's untrue, I don't really wonder. Subscribe to our newsletter.Plus, get access to the latest and greatest content from Brit + Co. Update: Our DIY muse is at it again.

Now, before you even check to see if that URL—which, much like the names "Wesley Snipes" and "Britney Spears," is a sentence in its own right—works, I'll let you know not to bother. Wells, the Times did, in fact, cover her extensively during her lifetime; the paper simply did it in a disparaging, blatantly racist way. Thanks to Clorox for making this happen! Let's say so long to the weirdest year ever by checking those big learn-something-new goals off our perpetual to-do lists. But, not everyone has an extra $500 to spare, so here’s a way to DIY a pair yourself. Don’t be afraid to get crazy! From where do we arrive at this conclusion? Or ready to take your design skills to the next level? Design, DIY, and fashion are her passions. These are the cutest boyfriend jeans we’ve ever made. In a small saucepan, melt the butter.

Add sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon, whisk together, and cook for 1-2 minutes until all sugar is dissolved; set aside. By Alessandra Codinh a. September 30, 2015. to make you more balanced, or eco-consciousness), it can't possibly pretend to be ancillary, and the celebrity endorsing $120 tree swings to millennials just seem like a mercenary.
Was it the writing?

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