Monseigneur St. George, Knight of Heaven, Sweet Saint, succor us!” The arrows of the phantom archers cut down the enemy en masse, and the German General Staff, finding the bodies of hundreds of their men lying on the battlefield with no discernible wounds, came to the conclusion that the British had used poisonous gas. Renew our days as of old. It was claimed Marlon Brando and Tony Kaye were going to spend £350,000 to buy the evidence to make a film. Lee, who actually once met James, obviously enjoyed making this series and A Warning to the Curious is a real highlight – enjoy!

These phantom men-at-arms cried aloud to St. George, and their swift arrows darkened the sky. So what inspired the stories of angels, spectral archers, the mighty figure of St. George? A wounded Lancashire Fusilier asked a nurse for a picture or medal of Saint George because, he said, he had seen the saint leading the British troops at Vitry-le-Francois. More than the watchmen Black storm clouds hide the living And delivered from the hands of the enemy. Perhaps that was what had caused these “visions,” as the newspapers called them.

Now let’s look at the facts. Each of the six movements can be performed separately including Out of the Depths which featured on Patrick’s Number-One-selling album ‘Angel’. They are new every morning:

Maybe some of the stories were invented. The woman, unconvinced, repeated the story later, and a British colonel told her simply: “Young lady, the thing happened.

O that men would therefore praise the Lord for his goodness; Throughout the spring and summer of 1915 more stories surfaced.

Lost Hearts, an early tale which apparently James didn’t much care for, and which only appeared in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary to […]. So did Harold Begbie, a writer on the supernatural, who related this tale in his 1916 book, On the Side of the Angels. Praise him all creatures here below, Most bizarrely of all, veterans of the battle subsequently lent support to Machen’s story, ensuring that the apparent visions took on a legendary quality both during and after the war. Accounts of heavenly aid abounded in Britain. This work, premiered on 23rd August 2014 (the exact centenary) depicts the drama between the angel, the soldiers and the … Although the British were badly outnumbered, their massed fire stopped the Germans cold. To serve my God when I awake. The Angel of Mons – a popular story about a group of angels who supposedly protected members of the British army in the Battle of Mons – is perhaps the most enduring supernatural legend of the First World War. The soldier also told his story to another woman, a Red Cross hospital superintendent who interviewed the man and believed him implicitly. With Him is mercy. Back they went in the heat and dust, occasionally turning to bloody the German corps pursuing them. Europe flamed and thundered with the red ruin of war. My soul waits for Him

The worst of the fighting was around Le Cateau, fought on the anniversary of Edward III’s great victory over the French at Crecy. The parish magazine of All Saints, Clifton, reported that two officers had seen a troop of angels between their men and the enemy. And lightning strikes like terror Each short night darkens The macabre beneath the landscape is not dispelled by nearness to the sea. The cross is located at exactly the point where a motley outfit of cooks, store men, drivers and delivery men, about 50 in all from the regiment, held up the German advance for 11 hours. On the 23rd August 1914 the Battle of Mons took place – the first major conflict between the British and the Germans in World War I. The legend goes as follows. ( Log Out / 

Since it was a time of allied problems, with the Lusitania sinking, Zeppelin attacks and failure to achieve a breakthrough on the Western Front, the timing would make military sense (also, some of the stories conveniently claimed that sources could not be revealed for security reasons). Begbie was impressed with the soldier’s transparent honesty. But there’s NEVER been anything like THIS before.

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