Keta Odee Patoon Reezy Whitey Sheroid JMunna Spike Jmacc Dizzle Cheno Big A Chris De’Kayla Troy HK am i missing any? About a month later in September 2011 Dome from Jaro City aimed to get revenge on D-Thang for Hotties death. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Reezy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It is said D-Thang crawled out of the cars window, and began to run while being shot at by Dome and was hit and later collapsed at a Busstop. So Duke is probably the most wanted for Tyquan Word and STL. Even the most dedicated BD dickriders think Oblock is fu for doing that hit. Jaro City and STL were formerly known as ABM and before that traces their roots back to a set known as Death Rhodes that was said to have beefed with Dro City, possibly the roots of the STLEBT - TYMB Beef. T.Roy was killed after entering a store on the eastside of Chicago near a GD hood known as "Paxtown". This thread is archived. and FBG Butta (often referred to as "the twins" due to their close friendship and resemblance though unrelated) shot Odee to death. And he went out blowing. There are several bodies between Jaro and Brick City before all this shit, but not all that relevant. Hk wearing black air forces I’m not surprised, Idk im probably looking too deep into it but TB with the Ferrari gear and this nyggas rocking it as well...idk ‍♂️, Somebody give me the link to cop on of them Ferrari's windbreakers, More posts from the Chiraqology community. Do you happen to have access to the newest wiki? Dafuq you know about the best turn up in the history of this drill shit? People like you deserve death. I thought they drove by, opened fire and hit Coby directly in the head - both had been standing out front. Tightly followed by Duke, who got 2 killers, one of which was 2x too. I been thinking about that too like where tf was everyone at while hk was gettin shot at cuz these niggas don’t throw house parties they be outside deep asf for every party they throw. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Drose of 600 was very close with King Von and T.Roy of Oblock, the three them often seen together and having a reputations as prominent shooters. Motherfucker are you even from Chicago? share. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The group, or at least HK then traveled to the streets where he approached FBG who alleadgedly attempted to run and climb a fence. Close. I get it, he's got an interesting story. Click here to find out more about karma, how it works, and how you can acquire it. Damn! •Oblock, formerly known as the "Wild Insane Crazy City (WICC) a long-lived BD set from the Parkway Gardens appartment complex between King Drive & 63rd and 67th, also known as "Keta World", "Toon Town", and "Munna Gang", •600, formerly the BrickCity GDs, a BD set from around 60th and King Drive, also known as "DBlock", "Steve Drive", "Shaq City", and "LA Gang", •Front$treet, formerly SquirtTown and Dipset, a BD set from around 61st and Indiana, •NickoGang, formerly the Duke Squad GDs, a now BD set from around 58th & Wabash, also known as "The 8-Block", •Jaro City, formerly ABM and Death Rhodes, another set having been around for quite a while, consisting of "OutLaw" GDs and "Darkside" BDs, located around 62nd & Rhodes, also known as "The Deuce" "Tutu Gang" and "Cracks Gang", •STLEBT, The St Lawrence Boyz and Eberhardt GDs, located around 63rd & St. Lawrence/Eberhardt, also known as "Tookaville", "Tutu Gang" and "BossCity", •TyQuan World, TW, a GD set, somewhat regarded at a blanket term for Jaro City / STLEBT, that's been particularly active in the last few years. I know TYMB/Dro City had been at war with EBT Jaro ABM for a long time. Close. After Venzel's death, a close friend of Venzel, TB of STL and TW, seeking revenge for Venzel, killed Front$treet Capo( not to be confused with GBE Capo, or GBE and SSR's Gino Marley who also went by Front$treet Capo). They are not related in any way, Jizzle was from squirt town not brick city, Edogg didnt kill lil ho it was Oblock Gleesh, Dalvin was from a gang called BSG (one of the sets that became Jaro city), I think Hottie was from ABM (one of the sets that became Jaro) but not 100% sure, White White(oblock) was killed by darron (jaro), G.I. One thing - more paragraphs would make this a lot easier to read. In June 2018 ManMan aka "CantGetRight" from STL/TW was killed along with an innocent bystander at 2am in front of a store by who many believe to be Duke and Muwop from OBlock.

Tightly followed by Duke, who got 2 killers, one of which was 2x too. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. TyQuan World, named after a child from Jaro City murdered in 2012 (not gang-related) is a set that , for the most part, claimed by members in addition to STLEBT and Jaro City but members have recently started to go only by TW. Joe(TW) killed Big A(Oblock) 12/2016, Gleesh(OBlock) killed Lil Ho(Jaro/TW) 05/2017, CapFuck12(600) killed Coby Mac(STL) 07/2017, Edogg(OBlock) killed Fredeo(Jaro) 11/2017, Duke(Oblock)+Muwop(Oblock) killed CantGetRight(STL/TW), Rough Draft, I put ?? Archived. uBlock is more than just a pop up blocker, it also protects your privacy by blocking trackers.

In November 2017 HK was shot and killed in the back of Oblock after attending a party celebrating the life of slain Oblock member Sheroids. The person responsible for HKs death is a mystery to many as there is a lack of individuals taking responsibility for his death though rivals we're very disrespectful to HK after his death. level 2. 50 shot from Jaro killed White White from Oblock and he had another body on Brick City from before. 2 years ago. best. All Dead OBlock Members. It's said that WIC City member had been disrespecting Tooka, a beloved STL members killed at a Busstop by TYMB earlier In the year and the namesake of "Tookaville", arguably STLs favorite moniker. One night in February 2014 Front$treets' Lil Los and accompliaces pulled up to a group of STL/Jaro City members in a white van and opened fire killing Venzell of STL/Jaro City. Dit is een tekstwidget. At the time of her death, KI was allegedly accompanied by her "twin", FBG Butta. The group, or at least HK then traveled to the streets where he approached FBG who alleadgedly attempted to run and climb a fence but was shot to death by HK as he attempted escape. You took the time to put all of this info for the world to see; you're either a Fed, or a groupie ass fan. WIC City subsequently adopted the name "O-Block" in Odee's honor . And holy shit thank you! Also I see why Jaro City was OutLaw of they were beefing with other GDs. Spike. I'd love to see some case studies on specific gang members. It was not until 2016 when Poppie of TW killed Oblock Cheno, Oblock BJ's little brother that the beef became active again. O-Block is a nickname adopted by the “(300)” set of the Black Disciples gang, located in 64th King Drive blvd.

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