A citizen must have lived in the United States for a minimum of 7 years. In colonial times, the proposed "legislative body" had two models. When he or she is not available, the President pro tempore, a senator elected by the Senate [currently Chuck Grassley (R)] takes over on his behalf.

Standing committees are permanent and provide longer-serving members with power bases. ©2020 Coredifferences.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. The Senate is responsible for approving foreign treaties, cabinet officials, and nomination of judicial officers. If approved, the Senate then serves as the investigative/judicial body to determine if the charges merit removing the accused official from his or her office. (One doesn’t need to be born in the United States). It was also decided that all classes would be eligible to become senators, subject to age and residency restrictions. Gerrymandering is used at the state legislature level to create districts that overwhelmingly favor one party. The Senate elects a "President Pro Tempore," often the senior, or longest-serving, senator of the majority party, who is responsible for managing day-to-day business. A filibuster is used to block potential legislation or Senate decisions until a favorable vote can be called. However, the house and senate can vote to override the president veto bill. The nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the United States Senate to override a standing rule of the Senate through voting. The House plays a major role in government, mainly that of initiating all revenue-based legislation. If you read this far, you should follow us: "House of Representatives vs Senate." In both chambers, incumbents have a great advantage over challengers, winning more than 90% of all contested races. The words "Congress" and "House" are sometimes used colloquially to refer to the House of Representatives. The succession order in the federal government is president, vice president and then Speaker of the House, the leader of the representatives. To be eligible as a representative, a person needs to be at least 25 years old at the time of the election and have lived continuously in the U.S. for at least 7 years.

The term length of the house is 2 years before reelection while that of the Senate is 6 years. The history of the House of Representatives goes to back to the Virginia plan envisioned by Edmund Jennings Randolph, the first United States Attorney General. To become a senator, one must be at least 30 years old at the time of the election and have lived continuously in the U.S. for at least 9 years. It is frequently referred to as the House. Federal and Supreme Court rulings have overturned gerrymandering efforts that have been perceived to be based on race, but otherwise some districts have been reconfigured to give one or another party an extreme political advantage, thus allowing that party to secure more power in the state and in the House of Representatives. However, as district borders were never defined definitively, they can and often do stretch into peculiar shapes due to a practice known as gerrymandering. Legislation needs to be enacted after being accepted by both the house and the senate. The United States Congress is what is known as a “bicameral institution,” meaning there are two houses, namely the Senate and the House of Representatives, that comprise it. The main difference between the senate and house of representative is that senate has a six-year term length whereas the house of Representatives has a two-year term length.
23 Oct 2020. This article in The New Yorker dissects it well: Per the Connecticut Compromise at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the United States adopted the bicameral system of the English Parliament (i.e., House of Lords and House of Commons). Web. The house of the representative is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of the United States Congress. The President of the Senate [currently Mike Pence (R)] only votes in case of a tie. Once the floor is ceded to a senator, he or she can speak for as long as the senator chooses, on any topic; no other business can be transacted while the person speaks. The respond of the house is faster while that of the senate is quite slow, The qualification of the house needs an individual to be 25 years at the time of election and have lived in the country for 7 years whereas that of the senate is 30 at the time of election and have lived in the country for 9 years, The role of the house is to initiate revenue base legislation while the senate is to approve foreign treaties, cabinet and judicial nominations. The responses tend to be quite slow due to the long term law effect. This has resulted in sometimes comically absurd efforts on the part of senators. Opposing it was the New Jersey Plan that limited each state to the same number of representatives; the plan suggested that there be something between two to five representatives per state. It is not a requirement to be a natural-born citizen in order to become a member of Congress. Some have become permanent, but most are formed for limited time frames. So only 34 or 33 senators are up for election at one time. The Senate is the upper chamber of the bicameral legislature of the United States Congress. The United States Senate is an “upper house” in the United States Congress. The seats apportioned to the house are based on the population. The Senate, on the other hand, has sole power of approval on foreign treaties and cabinet and judicial nominations, including appointments to the Supreme Court. While there are 100 seats in the Senate (two senators from each state), there are 435 seats in the House of Representatives (one representative from each of the various congressional districts, with the number of congressional districts in each state determined by the population).

A citizen has to be a minimum of 25 years old in order to become a House member. Noncompliance with a congressional subpoena can carry up to a one-year jail sentence. If a simple majority approves, the privilege can be waived. It essentially represented what is it that people want, even before the President, let alone the Senate. The House of Representatives, on the other hand, has no role in nominating candidates whatsoever. In the House, key committees include Budget, Ways and Means, and Armed Services, while the Senate has Appropriations, Foreign Relations, and Judiciary committees. The two legislative bodies play a vital role in congress. In the Senate, on the other hand, the power is given to an individual senator.

For example, during a 2013 filibuster over the Affordable Care Act, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) read from Green Eggs and Ham. In the beginning, the House of Representatives was the only body in the Congress that was elected. That changed in 1913 with the 17th amendment, and since then senators have been elected by the people just like representatives. The compromise was between the Virginia plan (small state) and the New Jersey proposal (large state), two competing ideas on whether each state should get equal representation in the federal government or whether representation should be based on population. Let’s read! Also, the senators investigate the impeachment process brought before them from the house of Representatives.

The six year term means the Senate can be slower and consider the long-term effects of laws.

But the president can either sign the bill to become a law or veto the bill. He came up with the idea of a bicameral legislature and the House as the Lower House represented the people as far as all American Constitution issues were concerned. The history of the house originated from the Virginia plan while that of the senate originated from the New Jersey plan. Diffen LLC, n.d. The house facilitates the impeachment of an official whereas the senate enhances approval of the impeachment. 1) The Senate with its 100 members is smaller, compared to the House of Representatives, which has 435 members.

Every state in the United States of America sends its representatives to the House.
The vice president is considered the "president" of the Senate, though he or she is not required or even expected to attend most Senate sessions. It is possible for the House to change to a large extent (in terms of party control) every two years, but changes are slower in the Senate. One of the consequences of this arrangement is that the Senate has more flexibility in their rules. The core difference between house of representatives and senate is that the house has a qualification of 25 years at the time of election and the individual need to have lived in the country for 7 years while the senate has to be 30 years at the time of election and have lived in the country for 9 years. The house of representative and senate are the two main legislative bodies of the United States Congress. If the majority wins then the impeachment is taken to the Senate for approval. 435 voting members, 6 non-voting members: 5 delegates, 1 resident commissioner. I’m Scot and this is my blog where I talk about all things related to biology, chemistry, business, technology, politics, and more. The New Jersey Plan was criticized for holding larger states "hostage" to smaller states, as each would have the same power base. However, the vote in the Senate has to represent "a significant majority," usually taken to mean 67 of the 100 votes. To become a senator in the United States Congress, an individual needs to be 30 years at the time of election and have lived in the country for 9 years. Conference committees are formed when legislation is approved in both the House and Senate; they finalize the language in legislation. Copying is allowed with active link to TheyDiffer.com.

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