The Best Results. Players LOVE this optional 'add on' program that is offered at most summer camp locations. Greetings from MHC, Weeks 1 and 2 of MN Hockey Camps from June 21 to July 4th has been cancelled. .lobar-container {background-image:url('//') !important;} .lobar-close {background-image:url('//') !important;} Using the CARTER Method, skaters build on each days' skills and are challenged to reach their full potential as the hockey camp progresses. What we expect from each student This popular program fills quickly and is exclusive to Planet Hockey. POWER SKATING - Explosive Skating, Increase Stride Length, Power and Efficiency, Forward & Backward strides, Starts, Crossunders, Power turns, Agility, Lateral Mobility, Speed, Transitions, Acceleration and Confidence. TOTAL PLAYER DEVELOPMENT Within each group, players are assigned to smaller groups (2-10 players) to further maximize their skills development. Recruits should consider two main factors when selecting the right hockey tournament. Planet Hockey Camps & Hockey Tours also trains and consults hockey associations, clubs and professional players throughout North American and Europe on a private consulting basis. This is a great opportunity for coaches to interact with and evaluate athletes to see their work ethic and what kind of player they are on the ice.
Discounts vary by camp and are date sensitive. Goalies welcome (limit 4). Coaches have kept sports alive in 2020. Planet Hockey expects each student to arrive at camp prepared to learn, work and to do the little things necessary to improve their skills. Players are placed into smaller sub groups based on current skill level then assigned a customized instructional syllabus designed to maximize individual confidence and long-term athletic development. All 2020 Programs are ELITE workshops specifically designed for enthusiastic players who are serious about improving their hockey skills. In turn, athletes will receive valuable feedback from these established coaches, and, in some cases, they will make the coach’s list of potential recruits. For all details, click here >>, Camp Jersey

CZECH TRAINING 2020; AAA Boston University Camps. Start by identifying the college programs that the recruit is most interested in and research which tournaments those coaches have attended in the past. PASSING - forhand, backhand, one-touch, saucer, drop passes, cycling and develop your on ice vision and ability to find passing lanes and open ice. .lobar-content p a, .lobar-content p a:link { height: auto !important; color: white !important; background-color:#13aa37 !important; padding:5px 8px !important; margin-left:10px !important; line-height:13px !important; font-size: 13px !important; font-weight: bold !important; text-transform: none !important; } If you have any questions—or want to talk about college recruiting—contact us at 866-495-5172866-495-5172 or, Chicago, IL 60642, © 2002-2020 Next College Student Athlete All Rights Reserved, NCAA D1 has suspended all in-person recruiting through January 1, 2021, extra year of eligibility for college athletes and how it impacts recruiting. .lobar-content p a:hover {background-color:#0e852b !important;} We utilize individual instruction as well as small and medium group sizes to maximize instructor/student interaction and attention to specific student needs. We are committed to motivating each Planet Hockey student to move from simply being involved, to taking responsibility for their own skills learn to love to train! Please also be sure to read and comply with our Return to PWIC document - just updated on 9/29/20. Planet Hockey conducts 75+ hockey skills training camps worldwide each year, including USA Hockey Camps, European Hockey Tours and Resident Resort Hockey/Adventure Camps in Colorado and Vermont. DRYLAND TRAINING Get the EDGE  - Proven off-ice hockey specific training exercises to develop quick feet, leg strength, soft/creative hands, shooting accuracy, aerobic capacity and endurance. This format accelerates confidence and skills growth by exposing players to repetitive game situation battles and is the ideal conclusion to a great day of skills training. Below is a list of top hockey tournaments and showcases for exposure to college coaches: We’ve created a comprehensive list of the best hockey camps nearby to help recruits and their families find opportunities to increase exposure to college coaches and showcase their talents.

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