Ms. Hill was one of the first rappers to mention Simone in song — on the Fugees’ “Ready or Not” in 1996 — and she recorded several songs for “Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone,” an album (due July 10) tied to “What Happened, Miss Simone?”, Jayson Jackson, Ms. Hill’s former manager and a producer of Ms. Garbus’s film, conceived “Nina Revisited,” and said that while working on the album, Ms. Hill told him, “I grew up listening to Nina Simone, so I believed everyone spoke as freely as she did.”. There is a song by J. Cole called "4 Your Eyes Only" that to me, is particularly striking and full of emotion. His friend is the one on the last song rapping to his own daughter. There has been a dizzying array of lawsuits over the rights to her master recordings in the last 25 years, a tangled situation that includes a recent Sony Music move to rescind a deal with the estate. Speaking by phone from her mother’s former home in Carry-le-Rouet, France, Ms. Kelly said: “It has been on my watch that this film was made. The album is a beautiful narrative of Cole’s experiences with life and the struggles of people in his society as well as his own. He got out. The Text Widget allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. A new documentary, “What Happened, Miss Simone?,” opens on Wednesday. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Cole tells the story of James McMillian Jr. and the messages he wanted to pass down to his daughter, Nina. Even though J.Cole hinted at retirement, he also mentioned that he has a few more things he’d like to achieve before doing so. Starring Zoe Saldana in the title role, the film was initially beleaguered by public criticism over the casting, an antagonism further fueled by leaked photos of Ms. Saldana with darkened skin and a nose prosthetic. Those who have covered Simone on recent albums — including Algiers, a Southern gospel and punk band; Xiu Xiu, an experimental post-punk group; and Meshell Ndegeocello, the neo-soul, neo-funk artist — are remarkably different from one another. The song was Simone at her best — a sly blend of the show tune, searing racial critique and apocalyptic warning. Heavily involved in gangs and other dangerous street activity, James came to the… Cole reminds her that her father died a real man because he loved her, and did what he could for her eyes only. [Hook], This is the first shift due to james adressing nina as “my daughter” the first verse was probably meant for j cole and was for his eyes only, You probably grown now so this song’ll hit you, Means that I’m no longer with you in the physical, This song was recorded before he died due to the earlier hint at his fear for his own life, Not even sure if I believe in God but because you still alive, He got me praying that the spiritual is real, He’s lost faith in his religion due to his misfortune but has a bit left due to his daughters survival, So I can be a part of you still, my pops was killed too, James’ father had also passed at a young age, Maybe you hate me, maybe you miss me, maybe you spite me, Life goes in cycles, maybe you’ll date a n*gga just like me, He’s trying to understand how his daughter must feel years after losing him at a young age and maybe she feels abandoned or longs for him in her life again, He hopes that she doesn’t get with a man like himself because he feels like he wasnt good enough for her, I’m writing this because me and the devil had a dance, Now I see death around the corner, ‘pologizing in advance, Don’t know if I ever had a chance, at a glance, I’m a failure, Again james feels like he may die soon, but he laments that even if he doesn’t life would still be terrible, But Daddy had dreams once, my eyes had a gleam once, Innocence disappeared by the age of eight years, My Pops shot up drug-related mama addicted, He had dreams but his fathers lifestyle ruined his future, So Granny raised me in projects where thugs was hanging, Older n*ggas I loved talked like they was above, Maintaining a time sheet, that slow money, He was raised by his grandmother in a slightly better place , but his role models were still thugs who refused to get employment, Picked up the family business by the age of thirteen, He had to grow up fast, which lead to his first conviction, ‘Round the same time is when you came in this world, James and his SO where young when they had nina, I told her “Nina”, the prettiest name that I could think of, For the prettiest thing my eyes had ever seen, I was nineteen, He valued nina from the start although he was young he stayed with her, He was a blind kid and then realized the cycle he put himself in, And now I fear it’s too late for me to ever be, The one that set examples that was never set for me, He will probably die before he can be a role model, Despite his fast pace life he will be caught by his past one day and die “On my career bucket list, there remain a few more items to check off before I give myself permission to enter whatever the next chapter of my life may be”. Though she was bisexual, her longest romance was her 11-year turbulent marriage to Andy Stroud, a former police officer who managed her career for most of the ’60s. Was it the trigger happy cr*ckers that the badges give clout? This is a large part of the appeal of the documentary “The Amazing Nina Simone,” by Jeff L. Lieberman, which features more than 50 interviews with Simone’s family, associates and academics (including me), scheduled to be released later this fall. Ms. Kelly is only partly right. Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive - Getty Images, Minnie Driver, left, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in “Beyond the Lights.”, Suzanne Tenner/Relativity Media, via Associated Press. Change ), This is a text widget. John Legend, who covered Simone on his own 2010 protest album with the Roots, “Wake Up!,” and recently started Free America, a campaign to end mass incarceration in the United States, attributes this absence to artists unwilling or unable to take positions outside the mainstream. “How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” Simone asks in the film. I enjoy the nature of this song and am probably going to check out more songs by this man. The song is directed at James daughter Nina and it goes trough James’ internal struggle as hes about to die soon at the age of 22 too, young to see his daughter grow up. She had not only become more militant by aligning songs like “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” with Stokely Carmichael and the black power movement, but also found it increasingly difficult to secure contracts with American record companies. The album is dedicated to the friend’s daughter, Nina. ( Log Out /  “Four years have passed. “This moment of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ” she said, “is a resurgence of racial pride but also a time in which black women are now at the forefront.”. ( Log Out /  “But why has she come back now?” she asked, answering her own question by pointing to how little has changed, citing the protests over the police killings of unarmed African-Americans like Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray. He wrote that he had a long-term goal of, “becoming the best rapper I could possibly be before hanging up my jersey, leaving nothing on the table when all was said and done.”. Were you surprised to learn J.Cole has a second child? Fifty years after her prominence, Nina Simone is now reaching her peak. This song from the titular album created by J cole has a very interesting presentation of this song, despite his voice being used the storyline is shown in two perspectives with one being his friend james mcmillan and the other being J cole. “Nina Simone, more than anyone else, talked about using her art as a weapon against oppression, and she paid the price of it,” said Ernest Shaw, a visual artist who last year painted a mural featuring Malcolm X, James Baldwin and Simone on the wall of a Baltimore home just two miles from the scene of Freddie Gray’s arrest. I had been taking steps to change my life for the past couple years, and I felt ready.”, He also shared that at that time his short-term goal was to finish the 4 Your Eyez Only album. I designed the entire album as if it was only for the daughter. However, her biography, as an artist who was proudly black but steadfastly rejected the musical, sexual and social conventions expected of African-American and female artists of her time, renders her a complicated pioneer. The two hip-hop artists most responsible for Simone’s current ubiquity are Kanye West and Lauryn Hill. The director Gina Prince-Bythewood said in a phone interview that she used Simone as the muse for her lead character, Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a biracial British pop sensation, in her 2014 film “Beyond the Lights” because “during her time, Nina was unapologetically black and proud of who she was, and it was reflected in the authenticity of songs like ‘Four Women.’ And this is something that Noni absolutely struggles with because she has been instructed to be a male fantasy.”, But for Ms. Prince-Bythewood, Simone is not simply an alternative to today’s image of an oversexualized or overmanufactured female artist, but the idol most suited for the multilayered identity politics of our social movements. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Determined to become a premier classical pianist, Simone trained at Juilliard for a year, then sought and was denied admission to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia — a heartbreaking rejection that led to a series of reinventions — renaming herself Nina Simone, performing in Atlantic City nightclubs and adopting jazz standards in her repertoire. He wrote: “It wasn’t a surprise. 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J. Cole learned early on in his career that the spotlight wasn’t for him. This song from the titular album created by J cole has a very interesting presentation of this song, despite his voice being used the storyline is shown in two perspectives with one being his friend james mcmillan and the other being J cole. The Fall-Off, which will be J.Cole’s 6th studio album, is scheduled to be released this year but no official date has been given yet. [AUDIO] Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Says Couple Expecting A Boy + Denies Break-Up Rumors: ‘That’s my wife.’: Beyonce, Behind the Scenes of L'Oreal Ad: Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Returns to Twitter, “I’m mentally rejuvenated..”: [VIDEO] 50 Cent Brings Out Eminem @ #SXSW, Watch the Full 60 Minute Show: [Exclusive] Church Pew Hustlin’ :: Is LisaRaye Dating A Well-Known Pastor?

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