All Rights Reserved. Oshawa originally coined the term macrobiotic, which signifies diets based primarily on grains, with perhaps some cooked vegetables. George Ohsawa defined health as having seven levels: lack of fatigue; good appetite; good sleep; good memory; good humor; precision of thought and action; and gratitude. The basis of George’s macrobiotic philosophy, however, is unparalleled. Asceticism is for suffering monks. Ohsawa linked Oriental philosophy and diet using a new version of the ancient concept of yin-yang, a unique dialectical principle, which pointed at an underlying order in the universe, beneath its apparent diversity. Macrobiotic Asia, Japan's no.1 online organic food store, provides natural products to support your body, mind and spirit. A Zen Macrobiotic diet is not only promoted as a means to prevent or cure disease and prolong life, but to promote spiritual awakening.

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There is no fasting either. Please join our monthly two-day fast every month.

Ruins the lettuce, too!

Flavor your food.

Its origins stretch back over 80 years, and the diet is still widely practiced today. - Result / Natural Healing Pendants, Free shipping!

This is a ridiculous rejection of intelligent technology. There is just too much wrong with all that Japanese influence.

No fresh salads either! For children we love, For over 50 years now people have been curing the incurable by simply taking responsibility for their health, making better food choices, and choosing to live. Salt is necessary in our diet, and important in our cooking- when used in moderation.

Aureobasidium Pullulans Jelly Supplement9,800 YEN, Cauliflower Mushrooms 100 (3 boxes)150mg x 60 tablets x 3 boxes37,800 YEN, 100% Natural Dashi powder UMAMI NO MOTO 300g1,900 YEN, Genki☆Zen-dama Lactic Acid Bacterium producing supplement (5gx30sachets)4,200 YEN, Kaeru Series Natural Mosquito Coil 30 coils933 YEN, organic Activated germinated brown rice 2kg2,689 YEN, Household Antibacterial Wash “Surfcera” 100g X 3bags (with 150g of bottle & 1g measuring spoons)6,000 YEN, Sushi Seasoning 〜Sweet Vinegrette〜945 YEN, OrBS Yumemihada "Skin Base Water & Perfect Essence set"10,600 YEN, Three-piece set of Amateru-kimi hair care products10,000 YEN, [10%OFF] Zen pasta<Dry Shirataki Noodles>(25gx3pieces) x 50bags.

A proper balance was considered to be 5 parts yin to one part yang. This product uses premium-quality henna leaves ... With 450 years of tradition, Kudzu powder is ... “Enough moisture, but it feels dry” Supporting ... Kumeshima Origin natural Futo-Mozuku (Enzou)500g.

Oshawa originally coined the term macrobiotic, which signifies diets based primarily on grains, with perhaps some cooked vegetables. The macrobiotic diet has its roots in traditional Japanese food, which gained popularity in the west in the late 20th century, starting around the 1960s.

Those following the Zen Macrobiotic diet would progress through ten numbered diet plans, from -3 to 7. That’s fifty-two fasts every year. According to Eastern beliefs, in nature, everything is made up of energy described as having “yin” or …

Did you know that  bancha tea is just regular old tea twigs full of caffeine? Eating is supposed to be fun for gosh sakes!

The Zen Macrobiotic diet is a dietary regimen developed according to the philosophies and eating practices of Zen Buddhism.

100% Okinawa Prefecture Kumeshima origin. That’s a heck of a claim.

People who take proven supplements are much, much healthier, and live longer than someone who doesn’t.

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