The eastern section of the map has also been torn away, leaving a ragged edge, although the change in width from north to south is a product of the natural shape of the skin. This has prompted the theory, pioneered by Harvard-educated historian Dr Hapgood, that the map depicts Antarctica from a prehistoric time. Do I detect bit of cultural chauvinism in your comment?

What about the Olmec sculptures? Starting from this position, it mattered little to Hapgood if he adjusted the scales between stretches of coastline, redrew ‘missing’ sections of coastline and altered the orientation of landmasses to ‘correct errors’ on Piri’s map to match the hypothesised source maps, a technique derived from Mallery.

Throughout his career, he continued to make his own maps of the places he visited as well as collecting the charts of other mariners; he was aided by his knowledge of numerous foreign languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. How can people who beuuuulieve in the most incredible fashion in Cleric Sign up for The Lineup's free newsletter and get our creepiest stories delivered straight to your inbox. “The agreement of the Piri Reis map with the seismic profile of this area made by the Norweigan-British-Swedish expedition of 1949 … places beyond a reasonable doubt the conclusion that the original source maps must have been made before the present Antarctic ice cap covered the Queen Maud Land coasts.”. Of course, both of these explanations assume that the land on the map is Antarctica. However, according to almost all historians, the continent hadn’t been discovered until 1733.

His confiscated treasures were taken to the Topkapi Serai Palace in Istanbul.

As with so much in Bad Archaeology, it is only made mysterious by the wilful ignoring of evidence that explains its methods of composition (most importantly, the legends written by the mapmaker himself) and by making exaggerated claims about its accuracy while its manifest inaccuracy is overlooked. However, he is a well known character in Turkish history and important in the history of cartography (although not for the reasons preferred by Bad Archaeologists!). Or is it just an inaccurate continuation of the South American coastline, rendered east-west either due to inaccuracies of contemporary navigational methods or due to idiosyncrasies of the particular projection method used? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Hieroglyphs in a coal mine at Hammondville, Ohio, Metallic vase from Dorchester, Massachusetts. Because of this, he also assumed that any difference between the Piri Re‘is map and modern maps were the result of copying errors made by Piri. The labels name places that can be identified and describe Piri’s sources. When he reached Egypt, he was imprisoned and condemned to death for allegedly fleeing the battle to save himself and his treasure, the accumulated spoils of his pirating days with Kemal Re‘is and his later naval service. Are we to understand that it is the hypothetical coastline of this hypothetical southern landmass believed to exist by sixteenth century cartographers, which Piri felt obliged to include for completeness? According to this hypothesis, the earth’s crust is poorly bonded to the underlying mantle and occasionally slips over it, causing worldwide devastation. What about longitude? Subscribe. He presented it to Sultan Selim I the Conqueror (died 1520, sultan from 1512) in 1517, following service as admiral in the Sultan’s Egyptian campaign. humans lived in North America 115,000 years earlier than believed, skulls that show what humans looked like 9,500 years ago. Piri Re‘is’s final period of active service with the Ottoman navy was as Commander of the Fleet in Egypt. He then laid siege to the Portuguese fortress at Hormuz, which controlled entry to the Persian Gulf, but lifted it after being warned that a superior fleet was coming to its aid. Indeed, when he discovered Hispaniola during his first voyage, he believed that he had reached Cipango.

The internet has spewed forth a number of theories about ‘The Inexplicable Map’ as it has been called. The Piri Reis map is drawn on gazelle skin parchment. Safai described the heroism of Piri during the battle to capture the fortress of Methoni in 1500 in his poem Fetihname-i Inebahti ve Moton. In 1521, he brought this information together in a book Kitab-i Bahriye (‘Book of the Sea’), a text of sailing directions divided into regional chapters, which was more detailed than his earlier world map and contained some 210 maps; unfortunately, none of the surviving versions seems to be from Piri’s own hand. On the map, in a marginal note, it states it is based on a map drawn by Columbus himself. Only this way could he explain why Piri’s map is not an accurate depiction of these continents. Wikimedia CommonsThe section of the Piri Reis map that shows Antarctica. Correspondence with Albert Einstein (1879-1955) impressed the theoretical physicist so much that he wrote a foreword to Hapgood’s 1958 book Earth’s Shifting Crust. There is to much sensationalist archeology based on making the facts fit the theory. So it wouldn’t be a couple of years before Columbus discovered America, but rather a couple of millennia. It is illustrated with a number of ships, most of which are Portuguese caravels, parrots (referred to as ‘tuti birds’, depicted on the island of Antilles) and mythical images. By chance, the only surviving part of this map is part of the depiction of the Atlantic Ocean. The most intriguing element of the cartography is the placement of what many perceive to be Antarctica: not only is it free from ice, but it also appears to be connected to South America. There is evidence along the top edge that another strip of parchment, which would probably have shown the British Isles, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, has been lost. The BCE means generally before the birth of Christ. All in all, the Piri Re‘is map of 1513 is easily explained. It also conforms to the prevalent geographical theories of the early sixteenth century, including ideas about the necessity of balancing landmasses in the north with others in the south to prevent the earth from tipping over (just as Hapgood later hypothesised with his crustal displacement theory).
A typical feature of this sort of map is the depiction of the recently discovered New World at a larger scale than the Old World. Having left the fleet in Basra for repairs, he took three ships to Suez, reaching the port with the loss of one ship in 1553. Piri Re'is was a 16th century Turkish admiral, rather interested in cartography. The simplest explanation is that the land mass in question is not a depiction of Antarctica. The Mysterious Piri Reis Map Might Have Show Antarctica Way Before It Was Officially Discovered. The map is labelled. There are also thirty legends around the map, twenty-nine in Turkish and one in Arabic, the latter identifying the mapmaker and dating it.

The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis. He fought the Portuguese off Yemen and captured Aden in 1547, taking Muscat in a second expedition in 1552; by then, he was in his eighties. After learning about the Piri Reis map, check out the discovery that suggests humans lived in North America 115,000 years earlier than believed.
He also accompanied his cousin Muhiddin Re‘is, one of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’s (1466-1546) captains, on further campaigns in the Mediterranean around this time. How Medical Scam Ads Helped Give Rise To The American Newspaper Business, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. The section of the Piri Reis map that shows Antarctica. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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