The whole compound was surrounded by a high fence about 7 feet in height. tabernacle moses floor plan diagram ark of the covenant new testament seminary teacher manual lesson 137. A floor plan of Moses’s tabernacle from the New Testament seminary teacher manual. Study Bible: Diagram of the tabernacle based on details given to Moses (in the book of Exodus). The Diagram of the Tabernacle Barnes’ Bible Charts Holy of Holies 15’ x 15’ Most Holy Place 30’ x 15’ THE OUTER COURTTT 150’ x 75’ Ark of Covenant & the Mercy Seat Altar of Incense Brazen Laver Altar of Burnt Offerings T he Candlestic k Tab le of She wbr ead W S N E 1234567 1234567 1234567 12345678901 12345678901 12345678901 n Outer Court - 150’ x 75’ Download Mobile Tablet Print Wallpaper Share FaceBook Twitter Pinterest Keywords. The tabernacle consisted of a tent-like structure (the tabernacle proper) covered by rug-like coverings for a roof, and an external courtyard (150 feet by 75 feet). The fence was made of linen hangings held by pillars. Diagrams of the Tabernacle and Basic Layout. Diagram of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. The high priest’s apparel.

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