The track’s title basically tells it all: it’s about experiences the boys have endured in the southern part of the country — places they’re not used to since they hail from Minnesota. Sun Veins Lyrics by Hippo Campus.

The production is rightfully soft and somber. [Verse: Jake] All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the Minnesota-based quintet’s blatantly upbeat, serotonin-boosting jams or a toned-down, comforting-instilling ballad — the boys know how to enrapture fans and evoke every positive feeling in the book. Features Song Lyrics for Hippo Campus's Landmark album. It’s just a vibe. Simple Season 6. “Opportunistic” (Bashful Creatures - EP). The lyrics “It should’ve been me” are repeated over and over, and it just rips your heart out. It takes approximately 10 seconds for this opening track to take you to an inexplicably beautiful parallel universe, whether it’s because of Luppen’s gorgeously layered vocals, the invigorating synths or the message of reassuring someone their feelings are always valid. Lyrics. [Chorus: All, Jake] The track is about sharing an intimate moment with your partner and feeling more alive than ever before. You know the pain of trying to coexist alongside the people with whom you’re so deeply infatuated? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I suck, I suck, Tomorrow seems to seep into the edge of nothing. Tuesday Hippo Campus. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. “Honestly” is one of the newest tracks Hippo Campus wrote on their sophomore album Bambi. A lot of Hippo Campus’ music is transcendent, but this track replicates the feeling of knowing you’ll genuinely be OK — maybe not right now, but someday, and that’s all that matters. I saw you there, and I swear you haven't changed Do you know a YouTube video for this track? Creeping up, the feelings that it’s all for nothing The gradual build-up of the guitars and drums in the outro is stimulating, and Luppen’s “oohs” that fade out the track are beyond compare. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. As the tranquil guitar comes to life, you squeeze the hand of your loved one tighter and forget every worry that’s been plaguing you. / We got trouble keeping up / Who can say you’re the one and never doubt it?”. No one actually cares.

1. The guitar alone moves it up to this point of the ranking. The track is fine in its own right, but Luppen definitely has better vocal performances elsewhere, and the instrumentation becomes tedious after a while. That subtle trumpet somehow packs a punch, accentuating the anger Luppen feels for being stuck in the middle of his parents’ divorce. That’s a reminder everyone needs every once in a while.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The guitar, bass and drums are all simple and sweet next to Luppen’s honeyed vocals. [Chorus: All, Jake] Boyish Lyrics: 13. Hippo Campus is flustered with how to approach love.

Hippo Campus Lyrics "Bashful Creatures" Bashful creatures, kids don't care at all Bashful creatures, ratchet face and all Oh bashful creatures, I don't give a shit Oh bashful creatures, drown yourselves in it I do not care who you are or the company you keep Overall lack of concern with who sleeps on your sheets ... Top Songs. The guitar line is heavenly, too. [Chorus: Jake]

High quality Hippo Campus gifts and merchandise. The track discusses the same theme that permeates most of Bambi: mending broken relationships. The guitar tone is absolute fire, and the way all the boys’ voices blend together faultlessly in the outro is euphoric. Western Kids 8. When Stocker and Whistler harmonize with Luppen in the chorus and outro, it’s breathtaking. Lyrics. Definitely one of the rawest tracks in the band’s discography, “Vacation” takes on the metaphorical idea of completely departing your body and starting anew elsewhere. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I suck, I suck Simple season Hippo Campus. Frontman and guitarist Jake Luppen, lead guitarist and co-vocalist Nathan Stocker, bassist and keyboard Zach Sutton, drummer and co-vocalist Whistler Allen and trumpeter DeCarlo Jackson are just five boys putting everything they are into every lyric and chord, but the end result is transformative.

Luppen keeps telling himself the girl he’s with is just part of a temporary relationship, even though he realizes near the end he’s basically in love with her.

Vacation lyrics performed by Hippo Campus: My thoughts are a battlefield of sub-surreal and unfamiliar Dropping hallucinogens to find serene with oak and cedar With all that fell in our laps You'd think that peace would come and find us That bass is sublime. Luppen wrote this track about the honeymoon phase of his relationship with his long-time girlfriend at the time. With your sunlight veins While he usually sings in a higher register, he brings out the rasp for us here as he discusses his time in the Mormon Church, and we’re not worthy.

[Intro: Jake & Whistler] It’s a fat banger. The first 75 seconds are a journey into the serene, untouched by any worries, thanks to a dreamlike guitar from Stocker.

Luppen wants to take his significant other to the place they fell in love, hoping that’ll rekindle the spark. Hippo Campus is an indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota. This was the second song we tracked live to tape in Chicago. A girl named Grace is promising Luppen this is the last time he’ll be seeing her, so he should make it count, but he thinks she’ll be back. The lyrics, like “Everything’s purpose is fickle to me,” juxtapose the careless vibes, so it has something for everyone. (Photo provided by @thehalocline via Instagram). The synths are dreary yet invigorating, creating their own indie-rock heaven. “St.

17. Poems 9. Sun Veins Lyrics by Hippo Campus.

The chorus is just the boys saying “la, la, la” over and over again, but it’s so warm and irresistible. That’s it. Picture yourself on the outskirts of the countryside, breathing in slowly and taking in the view. After four EPs and two full-lengths (as well as two demo albums), Hippo Campus is only becoming more cohesive with its sound.

When all the boys join in during the chorus, it’ll speed up your heart rate, but the instrumentation doesn’t offer as much as the rest of the discography. Popular Song Lyrics. H ippo Campus have done a lot of growing up in the past few years. Poems Lyrics – Hippo Campus. Whatever you need at the time, the band can provide. “sun veins” is the opening track to Hippo Campus' first full length album landmark.

Hard to know what you’re thinking With your sunlight veins. Boyish Hippo Campus.

The boys are growing up and learning how to manage the real world together, promising to not retreat to old habits and instead find solace in each other. Throughout the past year, I thought that I had to be different and that the band had to be different, but it turned out that we had to look more inward and find ourselves again. The track is a reminder from the band that everything gets better with time. The character, Mary, has found herself pursuing a normal life, giving up on her dreams and going the safe route. Luppen’s vocals are airy and lovely, and the feel-good vibes are radiating as the lyrics juxtapose that heavily, discussing how unhealthy his casual relationship really is. The pure chaos from the distortion of Stocker and Sutton’s voices of the bridge alone, not even including the startling drums, is a mood. Honestly it's You Need To Calm DownTaylor Swift; Old Town RoadLil Nas X; Lose You to Love MeSelena Gomez; SeñoritaShawn Mendes & Camila Cabello; CirclesPost Malone; More Top Songs It is represented as the paint bucket on the album cover. Sun Veins 2. It’s still low-key a banger anyway. This song is for the days you feel incredibly happy with the need to break out in dance. The guitar line may not be as extravagant as with other tracks, but it’s still flawless and helps draw more attention to the powerful lyricism.

The guitar during the first and second verses will make you feel right at home, guaranteed. The guitars and drums don’t blend as well together as per usual, and it’s a bit too repetitive lyrically. (The violet scent and clouded visions, brrap!) Luppen’s head voice here, too, is bananas.

It’s a tall order to try to rank all of Hippo Campus’ tracks, especially when the band’s music is the textbook definition of “pristine,” but why not give it a go? and Riley Runnells, So Listen: Disliking The Beatles to be a contrarian is dumb, 'Stay Tuned,' Episode 29: Discussing the Chris Pratt drama, Stephen Colbert crying over Dolly Parton, Campbell’s Corner: Partisanship should not divide the feminist movement.

Listen to Vacation from Hippo Campus's Landmark for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. With this band, even the simplest lyrics on the surface hold so much power: “Don’t you know you’re not to blame for feeling?”. The track is a grand dive into society’s gradual transition to a technology-reliant world, and Luppen’s little “la, las” are infectious. Allen doesn’t even go that hard in terms of vocal execution, yet it’s faultless. He explains the feeling all too well: “I haven’t been much myself / And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I’m feeling / I think that I’m living, if you could call it living.”. My thoughts are a battlefield of sub-surreal and unfamiliar Dropping hallucinogens to find serene with oak and cedar With all. Epitaph 5.

Guided by the occasional subtle trumpet, Luppen shares the loss of hope as he attempts to manage his uncontrollable mood swings. Lyrics. The opening line of “When I forgot you, you came to mind” is utter genius. We all crave for the love Luppen felt that compelled him to write this adorable track for his girlfriend at the time. Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile.

Hippo Campus really went all “yeehaw” on us, and we’re mostly not complaining. Interlude Lyrics: 14. Pockets full of lilacs that I picked, so pointless It’s a nice moment on the album meant to remind people that there’s still humans behind the music. 32. Luppen’s harmonies make it even more enticing, too. 38. Hardcore fans are most likely raging at how low this is. Lyrics.

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